With the growing of  industrial boom in  Southeast Louisiana,  the local community is starting to see development and new faces in the area to support the growing workforce demand. One of the new faces is Iron Tree Logistics and their new establishment, Magnolia Lodge.

Iron Tree is currently breaking ground along side Bayou D’inde and Cities Service Highway 108  in what will be a 20 acre man camp site which is geared to be operational in October 2016.

Director of Operations Margarett Mitchell is overseeing the project in all facets but is doing something different than other man camps. “ We believe  in creating a community centric facility that embraces the businesses and local population” says Mitchell.

Along with state of of the art living quarters,  the  Magnolia Lodge workers  village will offer 24 hour security and upgraded amenities that champion other like man camps in the area including top tier recreational and wellness facilities on site, more privacy and a guest services office to tend to the personal needs of worker at Magnolia Lodge.

Magnolia Lodge with a hotel background has distinguished itself from the prototypical man camps in that, its is more of a hospitality driven venue  whose model is meet the comforts and needs of workers versus the traditional workforce dwelling that the industry has seen to date.

Unlike other man camps, the Magnolia Lodge embraces the  surroundings of Lake Charles and has the  look and feel of an actual neighborhood and community with gates, greenery, front porches and real roofs versus the typical eyesores the area is used to seeing .

“We are creating a  brand of workforce villages and that offers amongst premium amenities a softer facade that delivers a more home like feel. In short, we are raising the bar on what workforce housing should be” says Mitchell. This is in response to feedback on other projects Iron Tree has participated in recently throughout Texas and Louisiana. “ Our clients need to feel at home and that is a need that has rarely been met in our industry, we are striving for true creature comfort”, Margarett commented.

While perfecting this model in Lake Charles, Iron Tree has already begun development of its next project in Cameron Louisiana to be announced in the coming months.

The reality is that man camps have not always been popular, Iron Tree feels that this will change in light of its business model to engage each area of development in business and community by giving back to local charities. PR spokesman Abram Alonso for Magnolia Lodge feels that to be accepted, the workforce village needs to engage at the root of the community rather work in it.